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Brokering System


From the emails, faxes and large number of hits our site receives, we know there is a great deal of interest in this system. We know how useful and valuable this system can be to both freight shippers and freight carriers. We are calling on you, our user base to help us out now. If you know of any company that you feel could benefit from this system, please email them and let them know about this service.

If there is any trade organization or magazine, journal or publication that you think might be interested in doing an article on us or reviewing our system, please contact them.

The more people that use this system and encourage others to use it, the more useful the entire site becomes to you and the more money it can save you.

With the high cost of fuel, this is a tough time for freight haulers and we all need to do what we can to save money.


Email us with your suggestions but please, contact your associates, colleagues and contacts personally as well. If you believe this system can be of value to you, make the contact - it is more powerful coming from you than us.


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